An elite accounts management software, presided with veracity exactitude and accuracy to administer your daily computative transactions

Complete Paper Trails

Full management of invoices, sales/purchase orders, packing slips, pick slips, box labels and more.

Get More Accurate

Use barcode scanners to improve your inventory accuracy and efficiency.

Look Professional

Print or email custom branded PDF invoices, sales and purchase orders to your customers or vendors.

Easily Do Taxes

Instantly calculate your sales total, cost of goods sold, profit margin, and more!.

Make Smarter Decisions

Run custom reports or use the dashboard to see cash flow, sales, profits, costs and outstanding balances.

Save Time By Collaborating

Use multi-user mode to connect everyone to the same database and grow your business.

Product List

Keep your products organized with pictures, prices, and categories. marketFlow can easily handle 100,000+ products on a regular PC


Use barcode scanners to manage your invoices more quickly and accurately. marketFlow is compatible with most barcode scanners you can plug into your computer.

Track Items With Unique Serial Numbers

You can track serialized products. Use existing serial numbers or let marketFlow assign them for you.

Customizable Reports

Use customizable reports to calculate detailed information like your total sales, total taxes, best-selling products.

Print or Email Invoices

Look good with our professionally designed invoices. You can customize the logo to suit your business' style.

One Click Workflow

Take orders, manage accounts ,manage returns, and invoices with one click!


marketFlow is designed to be accurate to the minutest detail. Once the data is entedodgerblue into the system, all the calculations are done automatically by software.

Print or Email Purchase Order

Ensure accuracy by printing or emailing purchase orders with both your own product codes and the vendor's product codes.